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Sartrean Ethics

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This book is about Jean-Paul Sartre and his philosophy. There is no doubt that Sartre is a giant in human literature. But as he established himself as a powerhouse in philosophy, he became the target of constant scrutiny. His works have been the subject of intense debate. Here, I focus on the nature of Sartrean ethics.

Sartre was born in France. He spent most of his life in that country. But Sartre was a global figure; he was very popular. All things considered, his fame and popularity extend beyond the geographical boundaries of France. To that extent, Sartre could be considered a universal philosopher.

However, views diverge regarding the extent of his approach to ethics. Most people are convinced that Sartre contributed little or nothing to the field of ethics. Here, I take a different stance. This book delves into the ethical ramifications of Sartrean philosophy.

This book is divided in five sections. It contains an additional section, which features the conclusion and other relevant sources, including a bibliography. The final section also reiterates the major arguments echoed in the book. Each section covers specific aspects of Sartre’s philosophy. The views echoed in each section also recap important aspects of Sartrean ethics.

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