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This short opus explores the current debate regarding the moral philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre. It examines the many issues that are often levied against this brilliant thinker. This text is only a preamble to several other works the author compiled on the subject. It does not assess the ramifications of misguided views towards the Sartrean legacy. View other publications to learn more.

There is no doubt that Jean-Paul Sartre was a pioneer in human literature. There are few disagreements regarding the analytical prowess of this giant philosopher. Yet, few people are willing to vouch for him in the ethical domain. Here, the author sought to rebuke misapprehensions about the literary valor of this unparalleled intellectual artisan.

Why Defending Sartre? Ben Wood Johnson is a philosopher himself. He felt the need to defend Jean-Paul Sartre for various reasons. But the most prominent motive he articulated is the need to achieve academic excellence. In other words, this text is not a personal defense of the Sartrean Legacy, though the author’s arguments are unmistakably passionate.

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