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Dr. Ben Wood Johnson is an author, educator, and philosopher. He is a social scientist and a social observer. Dr. Johnson graduated from Penn State and Villanova University. He is an inter-disciplinary scholar.

Dr. Johnson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Master’s degree in Public Administration, a Master’s degree in Political Science, and a Doctorate in Educational Administration. He writes about education, law, politics, and philosophy. This website was designed to showcase some of Dr. Johnson’s recent works.

Dr. Johnson is a prolific writer. He has compiled more than three dozen books and other manuscripts. As of 2017, he has published only half a dozen of these works.

Dr. Johnson’s works address an array of subjects and in various fields of study. This site features many of these works. Keep in mind that many of them are still in progress. Some manuscripts are either under review or in editing phase. Click on the navigation bar [menu above] to view the different types of works that are available on the site. If you want to learn more about Dr. Johnson’s academic activities, visit his academic website at

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